How and where to do business online

If you have many objects in disused home and you want to get rid of them, selling them could be a good alternative, so you can earn a little bit. But how to do it?

There are various online sites that will allow you to sell all the items you no longer want at home or in the garage. They are valid and reliable, and will make you conclude good deals, holding very little percentage.

But before we go to the sale we want to give you some small tips on how to introduce an object on the market.

Various tips for selling online

Publishing photos, describing a product and entering a price is very easy, but it is to capture the attention of a potential customer and to conclude a deal that is not, so we are here to give you some small tips:

  • First of all we advise you to describe in detail your object, reveal every single value but above all flaw, do not hide anything, rather reveal every part of the product, and you will see that the customer will feel confident in you.
  • The price to be applied must be equal to the value of the object , also rely on how rare it is (if it is one of the few on the market you can easily raise the price, but without exaggeration).
  • Another key element is how it is presented , equip yourself with professional cameras or smartphones that make very good photos and place the object in a position with so much light, if you are professional in these little things you really get the attention.
  • The payment we advise you to use is absolutely PayPal, as it is completely safe both for you and for the customer and for which you can also associate a credit card or prepaid card. So, since the payment is traceable, you can sleep peacefully because it is very difficult to be the victim of a scam. We do not recommend other payment methods.
  • What are the best shipping methods if you need to ship an item? If the customer wants to deceive you by asking PayPal for a refund even if everything arrived intact, having used Paccocelere di Poste Italiane or the courier, you will always have a shipping receipt and the tracking code to give then to the customer.
  • Finally we want to tell you that the site provides two weeks of time to sell your device with excellent visibility, the past two weeks is best to pick up the item and move on to something else that maybe could care more about your future customers. Obviously, if you still want to insist, try not to hurt.

The best sites to sell online

One of the best services to sell online quickly and easily is . Once you have described the product, uploaded the photos, entered the price and your data, the site in 24 hours will confirm if you have complied with the rules and if everything is ready to be published. If your ad is forgotten after weeks, with a few euros you can return to put it in plain sight.

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