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Start a business

Here we see the fundamental steps to open any business , or those steps that you need to do to start an activity regardless of the sector in which you will be operating.

With the liberalization of licenses, starting a business has become much simpler, but there are still restrictions for some of them. For example, medical and health activities can be carried out by individuals in possession of specific professional requirements, while the opening of a bar or a tobacconist is subject to territorial and municipal restrictions.

However, whatever the activity to be opened will have to:

  • Report the opening of the new activity to the municipality in charge : it is a model that must be completed and sent to the competent bodies at least 30 days before the opening.
  • Open VAT number
  • register with the INPS
  • register with INAIL
  • Locate the Ateco Activity Code  (to view the complete list of codes divided by category click here )
  • Choose the most advantageous tax scheme
  • If it is an activity linked to the trade or processing of food, it is necessary to be in possession of the SAB certificate (administration of food and beverages), or of an equivalent qualification such as the hotel diploma or having worked for at least 2 years in the last 5 as a food business operator. The SAB course and the related exam can be taken at provincial, municipal or regional bodies, has a duration of about 100 hours and an approximate cost of 800 euros.

To see the details of the above obligations and the related costs read: Open a business activity: process, costs, facilities and financing

For free information and advice you can go to the SUAP in your area or an accountant.

We also recommend carrying out the following two operations:

  • Draw up a Business Plan by identifying: the object of the activity to be started , the context, the objectives, the initial investment, the analysis of the market and the return of the investment.
  • Verify the permissions and concessions that may be required for your specific project. Example: activities in the food sector, catering and in those sectors where the law requires specific hygienic-sanitary and professional requirements.

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The 7 things not to be wrong to start well

  1. Analyze the market and analyze your area to understand if the activity you want to open can be successful;
  2. Pragmatism: remember that you can have a very nice project, that is to open the business of your dreams, you can have ambition and determination to sell, but not said that this activity is required and therefore is successful. It is therefore necessary to analyze all aspects well and to retrace your steps when the data tell us that it would not be convenient;
  3. Draw up a budget by calculating it as follows: CAPITAL + CAPITAL IN LOAN – RESERVE CAPITAL (as guarantee in case of failure);
  4. Analyze yourself. Being an entrepreneur is very different from being an employee. Responsibilities change, emotional and personal involvement;
  5. The promotion: find the best advertising system to raise awareness of your business;
  6. Never stop learning: from what you see, from customer critiques and mistakes;
  7. Spread a business plan: even if an activity runs well the costs could be very high and reduce the margins of quada and therefore the income. There is nothing worse than working hard and not having a satisfactory income.